1. What is Raye's main business?

          A: Mainly plastic mold design, manufacture and production. In order to help customers digest the packaged projects, we established a die-casting and sheet metal factory in 2020.

  1. What services can Raye provide to us?

          A: Product design, mold design, manufacturing and production, various secondary processing and assembly of products. We can provide one-stop service, from early model proofing to mass production and shipment.

  1. What is Raye's advantage in the industry?

          A: We can provide 10%~20% cheaper prices than the same industry, and provide customers with high-quality, most comprehensive products and services. We will provide solutions 24/7 for our guests, whether or not an order is placed with us.

  1. How does Raye ensure that our design copyrights are not leaked?

          A: We will sign NDA with the customer, and without the customer's permission, we shall not display or transmit the guest's products and information in any media and occasions.

  1. What forms of fast models can Raye provide during the pre-design testing phase?

          A: 3D printing, vacuum casting, CNC machining, and rapid soft mold, etc.

  1. What document formats and information does Raye need during the quotation stage?

          A: 3D drawing files, formats such as: X-T, Step, etc. 2D drawing files: DWG, DXF, PDF. We need to clearly understand the mold life, product material, color, production quantity, product surface treatment and other performance testing requirements.

  1. Does Raye have MOQ requirements for the product if the mold is opened?

          A: No!
          We will optimize the mold structure and guarantee the product quality by adopting different processes for different MOQ.

  1. How soon can Raye provide a quote?

          A: If all information is clear, we will provide quotation within 24H

  1. Does Raye have the ability to propose solutions to our products during the quotation stage?

          A: Of course!
          We will analyze molds and products in the form of DFM, and propose professional solutions for problem points

  1. How does Raye control quality in production?

          A: We will formulate SOP and SIP for each product, in production, the first piece inspected, inspecting regularly, the last piece inspected, and inspecting again before shipment. For key products, full inspection is carried out before shipment.

  1. What measuring equipment and tools does Raye have?

          A: We have CMM, projector, Mitutoyo caliper, altimeter, needle gauge. and calibrate regularly.

  1. How does Raye respond to defective products shipped to us?

          A: We will give a solution and negotiate with your company to bear the corresponding rework costs. We will produce replenishment when necessary.

  1. Can Raye assist in purchasing some standard parts for this project in China and assemble and ship them together?

          A: Can!
          We have a professional procurement team who will be responsible, but we will charge the corresponding procurement and labor costs.

  1. What secondary operations can Raye perform on product surfaces?

          A: Plastic products: electroplating, painting, printing, ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, water transfer printing, etc. Die casting and sheet metal products: electroplating, painting, printing, anodizing, blackening, electrophoresis, wire drawing, powder coating, etc.

  1. Can Raye provide free samples to test before mold opening or mass production?

          A: Can!
          For small products, we will provide 1~2 products for customers to test for free, but customers need to bear the freight. For large products, we will charge the basic processing fee first, and return all samples and freight when the mold is opened or mass production begins. or 50% (depending on the amount).